little miss workbench encourages children to embark on a journey and experience the world by inviting them to

be curious.

think deeply.

work together.

solve problems.

These are things that make us human.

We need to do them more.

In my experience as an educator —and a mom—I have seen how play develops these skills for all children. The learning tools that LMW creates are designed to actively engage children. Each wooden piece is handcrafted, in Bellport, New York, intended to spark the imagination. They are open-ended and limitless. Let’s teach our children to live this way.


little miss workbench is a family-owned and -operated shop based in Bellport Village, New York. Our toys are handcrafted in New York using sustainable American hardwoods and eco-friendly materials that are child-safe, natural and powered by imagination. The collection is designed by Michele Chiaramonte and made with a select team of artisans. 

Prior to little miss workbench, Michele was a New York City public schoolteacher.  Although her formal teaching career was put on hold when her daughter was born, a new form of teaching came about. For her first Mother’s Day (2012), her husband gave her what every new mommy dreams of having…a DeWalt portable table saw. The home-based woodworking projects quickly evolved into creating wooden toys for her daughter. When friends saw the wooden toys, they asked if she would make pieces for their children. Soon she was creating small batches of toys. In 2015, Michele took a small idea and turned it into little miss workbench.

Thoughtful play was always at the core of the classroom experience. little miss workbench continues that mission by creating simple wooden toys that invite children to be curious about the world around them. 

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the local and global community. We are a sponsor and workshop contributor to the Boys and Girls Club of the Bellport area and also support, Four Girls for Families, a locally formed charity called that brings clean water to communities in Cambodia. (Please visit their sites for more information.) 


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