As a child, I always wanted a sandbox. When I saw this plan on, I immediately wanted to build it for Mali (and for me).  The ingenious way that the cover folded to become the sandbox benches was so smart and cool! I needed to build it.

The first couple of times we went shopping for lumber, the employees would stop and ask me, “Oh, what’s her name? How old is she?” At that point, Mali would charm them with her ability to answer for herself, and then proceed to ask them the same questions in return. They would look at me in amazement, smile and say, “Wow, ok. So, do you need anything?”  (Yes, a day off.)

Any trip thereafter sounded like this, “Oh look, Mali is back with her mommy. Hi Mali, how are you? What project are you building today?”  It was hilarious; we had become regulars along with the local contractors overnight.

This sandbox has certainly had its share of dump truck excavating and sandcastle creating. It is a play structure, it is going to take a beating.  Mali also likes to tap dance on the box when it is closed…

The stain for the entire structure is deck grade.  The floor of the sandbox is lined with weed block screening, which is a huge help in keeping the grass and weed from growing.  A blue tarp is placed over the top of the box in order to keep rain and snow out.