Who better to have in the workshop with me?

My dad is a retired scientific tool and die maker; extremely meticulous and methodical when it comes to anything related to machining. I love to watch him work and come up with ingenious fixtures and jigs for projects. He has a knack for breaking down complex processes into simple parts. The pure joy he gets when he figures out a puzzle is enough to put a grin on anyone’s face.

Recently my dad began helping me craft the wooden cameras. On his first day in the workshop, he literally cringed at my selection of measuring tools (what else do you need besides a ruler, a square, and a pencil?). The next day he gave me a pair of digital vernier calipers, which at first I thought was overkill, but now I use daily.

From measuring the diameter of dowel to drilling magnet holes in wooden cameras, precision is the name of his game. Quality control is done with those calipers on all of the parts that we make. He is a master craftsman. I continue to learn from him and I am grateful to have him by my side.