A bookcase for Mali – lesson learned

Posted on October 30, 2014


This bookcase was an entertaining project because I failed to consider the depth of the bookcase when installing it. It was built in the basement and then carried to the second floor; simple enough plan. The reality, however, was that because of its height, it should have been built upright in the room it was going to live in; there is only two inches of clearance from unit to ceiling. Way to use those fourth grade math skills… 


Short of disassembling the entire piece and realigning all of the shelves that were precisely measured, I cringed and went for the quick fix – chop off the top section, stand it up and then reassemble it with hardware. Oops! 

Note to self: build tall structures in an upright position or create stackable, manageable sections and assemble.

Unlike the assembly process, the side hat hooks were a happy accident. In order to conceal the shelf screwheads on the sidewall, I cut 1×2 pieces, glued and single-screwed them, then added simple hooks to cover the screw on each piece. Ingenious way of hiding a design mistake! 

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